Sunday, June 25, 2017

Joe Scarborough: “Mystified” Too Much or Not Enough?

Is there anything more embarrassing than a 50+ year old’s mid-life crisis?


 And who wouldn’t want to listen to a 50-something with hair from the 50’s autotune his way through a Trump bashing original song? 

Answer: No.

Take Joe Scarborough for example - the ex-congressman current MSNBC talking head. He tackles the really important things in life: playing in a rock band, cutting an EP, “Mystified” and making a really cool video singing an edgy song bashing…that’s right,TRUMP! How clever is that?

In one scene from the video, a disillusioned and disinterested Brzezinski and Scarborough stare emotionless as a nuclear bomb detonates - Daily Mail

That’s pretty much what they both do for a living so it must have been pretty easy. Let the cringing begin.

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