Friday, June 30, 2017

Keeping It Real


I know, I know; President Donald J. Trump just tweeted out something else un-presidential that’s all the Fake News Networks will squawk about  through the long holiday weekend. Otherwise they would have spent the entire time telling everyone how awful the 2 immigrant bills just passed are, and how mean the “Muslim” ban just upheld by the Supreme Court is.

For the record -  Mika is NOT a journalist, she’s just another Democratic Operative with a microphone. She and Morning Joe have spent endless hours calling Trump  a liar, a crazy lunatic and otherwise questioning his mental capacity and intelligence ten ways to Tuesday. Oh, and then there was that very classy video they released bashing Trump last week.

In case they haven’t noticed, The President is definitely not a pajama boy; he enjoys hitting back. Even if it’s a girl.


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