Monday, July 24, 2017

I’ll Be On the Beach If You Need Me

Well, it’s official; my computer has a serious disease of the hardware and has to go to the hospital for a few weeks. Bear with me, as this may be painful. I’ve stopped using the alien computer that hates me because I’m white (one of Raj’s old models) and have regressed to my own old computer that has hated me from the day I took it out of the box for who knows why. Maybe it resented having to report on Michelle Obama day after day…after day. Believe me, I’m empathetic.

Anyway, it’s been asleep so long it didn’t even know that Obama and his consort had left the building, replaced by President Donald J. Trump and his lovely wife, Melania. So I’m giving it another chance although now I discover its battery is shot. We’ll see how it handles Making America Great Again before we negotiate on procuring a new power source. Also,  I’ve explained that the double tt’d “butt” – which is all this vintage computer knows - is history now that the Occupation is over (except on FLOTUS Fridays if we’re doing retrospectives)  but(t) we’ll see how well it does learning.

head hurts2Learning makes my head hurt

So, I’m still in my politics-free zone. You’re free to comment on the lives and times in these United States. I’m staying on the beach a bit longer. I’ll be staying hydrated,

iced-tea-1I’ll be trading my covfefe for iced tea

and avoiding Drudge like the plague it’s turned into.

I’ll be on the beach if you need me. But(t) then, why would you?

lake huron  miLake Huron, on the sunrise side of the Mitten, yes it really is that clean

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