Thursday, August 31, 2017

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished or “Harvey the Hawk Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

You may have heard about Harvey the Hawk who freaked out in the hurricane, took shelter in a guy’s cab and wouldn’t leave. So the guy decided to take him home till he could find a shelter to rehab him. Everyone thought this a sweet story of a bird bonding with his rescuer -- until politics intruded, as they always do with the left. Apparently the good Samaritan had some, um, non-politically incorrect decorating tastes.

HarveyHawkHarvey the Hawk visits his benefactor’s well stocked bar – no wonder he has to go to rehab

Jazz Shaw has the rest of the story:

But as occasionally happens in the midst of such tragedy, small rays of light occasionally shine through. A dramatic rescue of an at-risk child. A stranger opening up their home to victims of the wrath of nature. And then there was this guy…

A cab driver named William Bruso returned to his vehicle and found a Coopers hawk sitting in the passenger seat. The bird refused to leave and go back out into the storm. Bruso took pity on the animal and decided to see if he could give it shelter. The resulting short video quickly went viral.

And here’s Harvey hanging out at the bar:

That’s just adorable, isn’t it? Man and raptor, waiting out the worst of the storm in a dry, safe room. So what could go wrong? Well, this is the internet, so obviously something had to. If you go back and replay that second video again, check out the few frames around the 45 second mark where the camera swings around to the other side of the room. There on the wall there is… a Confederate flag.

Well, you can guess the rest: the cab driver is a villain, no: worse than Hitler! Sheeze, I remember when the term “knee jerk liberal” was just a meme. Now it’s embedded code. Do liberals have to take the fun out of everything? Rhetorical question.

Still, Harvey and William is a sweet story of man and animal, in this case bird, bonding. How could any sane person not love that? I leave you with another man/bird bonding story that may just be the best ever: a condor returns to visit the man who saved it when it fell from its nest as a baby.

Some things simply need no explanation, no matter how amazing they seem.  Now get out there and work on that bonding thing. A word of caution though, you’ll have better luck with a bird than a liberal – they don’t have as many litmus tests, never bother with virtue signaling and are no where near as judgmental.


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