Friday, September 1, 2017

FLOTUS Friday: The Footwear Edition

Hooray! We made it to FLOTUS Friday! melania-trump-texasflotus melania (2)      

And what a FLOTUS week it’s been. First the bait and switch move enroute to Houston:

bait and switch

AKA “Bait the Press.” It’s got to be the oldest trick in the book but Deep State Media falls for it ever time, and heads explode…every time. Like Jim Treacher, I Can Remember When Mocking FLOTUS’ Clothes Was Racist. Now it’s considered a public service.

Anyway, this newfound foot fetish certainly wasn’t on display during the previous administration. (Trigger warning) In the dark ages ( “racist!”) all FLOTUS footwear was duly noted, universally approved and the price ignored. You may review my partial dossier on the former FLOTUS’ footwear collection below for corroboration. I needn’t mention the official inaugural footwear that officially began the collection; they came to be known affectionately around these parts as the “poop green” Cinderella slippers – so I’ll spare you. I next documented the FFC (FLOTUS Footwear Collection) with this pair of weird lovelies way back in 2009:  Half-shoeless and Totally Clueless

michelles weird shoes

Butt* these were followed by many, many more. I present a partial collection of footwear DSM did not  consider inappropriate. First, the pumps:Michelle_Obama_on_the_Iron_Chef_Bluefly_blog_FlyPapershoes

The flats and sneakers:




and Jack boots:


And dress Jack boots:

mo's kinky boots

Any of which were preferable to the barefoot:

barefoot michele

So I say let the FLOTUS games begin. I will go out on a limb and give the Mario Batali  Crocs award to Lady M…

mo mario crocks watermark copy

and everything else goes to the lovely Melania:


* Remember, double tee ‘butts’ are always welcome on FLOTUS Fridays

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