Monday, August 7, 2017

NOTICE: You Have More Tools Than Time

Life is a wandering stream…


and while a bend in the stream is not the end of the stream we never know for sure what is ahead.

Sometimes we simply must stop and listen to our inner voice, hoping for a revelation


but settling instead for a moment of clarity


that will guide us on the rest of our journey

road home harrison“The days are stacked against what we think we are.”Jim Harrison, The Road Home

wherever that may take us.

summertime country road

MOTI notes: Creeper is taking a sabbatical from the crazy world of politics so she won’t be around much until she regains her perspective. 


And prayers are requested by Deborah’s Palm whose dear husband is undergoing additional cancer surgery today. Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Both of these updates serve as reminders of how precious our stewardship on this planet is.

notice more supplies than road ahead2

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