Friday, August 11, 2017

“Nasty and Rotty” The Retro FLOTUS Friday edition

I know it’s FLOTUS Friday…


but Deep In the Heart of Texas linked this yesterday: Michelle Obama's 'nasty, rotty' school lunch guru busted for corruption 

Michelle Obama praised Binkle for his newly reformed school lunch program, which nominally imposed his rarefied chef tastes of quinoa, pad thai, black bean burgers, and other chi-chi nouvelle cuisine as a substitute for tacos, burgers, and corn dogs favored by children across the vast multi-ethnic school district.  In reality, they were overcharging, overbilling, and under-delivering, with the food turning out to be basically slop.  It probably didn't help that it was public employee unions executing the mess.  Of course the food turned out to be inedible and detested.

And that reminded me of what fun we used to have with Lady M’s nasty, rotty school lunches.

school lunch fish and cornUmm! Pickled herring, a rye roll and dried corn; ‘nasty, rotty’ would be a step up.

And it seems like only yesterday we were making having fun with Pink Slime and SEIU corruptocrats.

wimpy copyI’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a slime job today

From Obama’$ New Green Lobby: Vegetable$

Lady M is pleased to announce that her “A Salad Bar in Every Lunchroom” program is supported by – in addition to the SEIU – the following organizations: the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (a sub-organization of PBH – Produce for Better Health – a non-profit 501(c)(3) industry lobby group), United Fresh Produce Association Foundation (a non-profit 501(c)(3) industry lobby group) and Food, Family, Farming (F3) Foundation - isn’t that 4 F’s? – (also a non-profit 501(c)(3) lobby group whose “mission” is to “work toward changing the food system in America from a chemically dependent/resource depleting agricultural model to an ecologically sound sustainable one.”) So, as proud tax payers, not only do you get to pay for Lady M’s school nutrition program once it’s been rammed through Congress – you get to pay for the lobbyists getting it rammed through Congress too!

Butt don’t forget: It’s all about the children!

I wish I could say the kids are alright, but the little children refused to eat their healthy lunches so went hungry all afternoon.

kids hate vegetables

And the not so little children were last seen being carted out of Lollapalooza in a drunken stupor. But that probably doesn’t have anything to do with an unhealthy diet. More likely it’s due to your Mom telling you Beyoncé was a great role model. My advice to Obama the Younger: more covfefe, less vodka. In fact, if you drink enough of it you might actually begin to Make America Great Again.

adult coffee

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