Thursday, September 28, 2017

Everything’s Smaller in Utah (I Blame Diversity)

It’s true: SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) is alive and well and living in Utah. They organized the protest yesterday against Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of Utah. I’m sure you all remember SDS’s most famous acolyte:


Bill Ayers, Vietnam era student activist, co-founder of the Weather Underground, bomber and Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Chicago where he continued his revolutionary activity in clear sight by helping to turn education into a propaganda factory. Oh yeah, and he’s also known as Barack Hussein Obama’s ghost writer even though he was just some guy who lived in the neighborhood.

As it turned out the protest was small by Soros-backed event standards: it only cost the University $25,0000 in additional security, there were only 2 arrests, and only 300 protestors showed up. Although they did have representation,


apparently you can’t pay Antifa enough to come to Salt Lake City. However, the crowd that did show up looked mad:

shapiro protestors

Except for the counter-protestors that turned out to support free speech, they seemed to be rational and in good cheer:


And a few people showed up to just to enjoy the sunshine in the waning days of autumn:

salt lake hare krisnaKyler Watson, left, and Matsu sing Hare Krishna songs in front of the Park building in protest of Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of Utah

So all-in-all this was pretty much a bust as far as Antifa/BLM head-busting protests go. The moral of the story: Utah clearly needs more minorities.

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