Sunday, September 24, 2017

Not My NFL

Is there anything that progressivism can’t ruin?

trump nfl

Oh, the left will  blame President Trump and demand he be impeached.

resist 45 not my president

But I’m so old that I remember when - before everything became political - nearly all Americans regardless of color or tone thought football players standing as the National Anthem was sung was pretty non-controversial. But that was BO (Before Obama); before the professionally orchestrated and funded antics of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, #NotMyPresident and ANTIFA ruled the mean streets. Unfortunately for the NFL an awful lot of their fans still think it should be non-controversial. And the President had the audacity to say as much out loud, albeit in his typical not-so-tactful way.

While his comments further ruffled the feathers of the huffers and puffers, it simultaneously served to reinforce the belief of people who voted for him that he speaks for them. None of this is good news for the NFL. Or Democrats.

buck tweet

Let’s just say we all know who started this fight.


So thanks for making something else that used to be fun a victim of your version of “social justice.

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