Friday, September 22, 2017

FLOTUS Friday In Fuchsia

I loved the Calvin Klein business suit that Melania wore to the UN for PDJT’s speech in which he was said to have bullied Kim Jung Un.


In fact, I think I even had a suit like that back in the day. However, although it fit impeccably, I would have to put myself in the “not a fan” camp of the Madame Butterfly dress she chose for her speech on cyber-bullying.


All I know for sure is that Melania never makes fashion mistakes so I can only assume she was making a statement with this fuchsia dress the same way she made a statement with the fuchsia pussy blouse at one of the Hillary/Trump debates.


The Gucci “pussy bow” blouse alone would have said enough, but when paired with the matching trousers to create a new style “pants suit” she pretty much stuck it to everyone who needed to be stuck.


So if anyone can explain what the “hot pink Delpozo dress with statement sleeves” was all about please let me know…oh wait: maybe it’s the “statement sleeves!”

Melania, in just 2 appearances, replaced the de rigueur look of the Michelle Obama era - sleeveless, bare legged and above the knee frocks – with something altogether more appropriate.

*trigger warning*

michelle sleeveless and pits upNo more pit shots!

She just made it quite okay for real women to wear slack suits again without fear of being viewed as an old washed-up feminst, and to sport dresses with season-appropriate sleeves and age-appropriate hem lines. Bless her for that. And let the Melania bullying begin.

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