Monday, September 18, 2017

Rotting Beef - Tastes Kind of Like Old Lamb: Funky and Stinky

Here’s a list of things I don’t  feel like talking about today: the Emmys, Kim Jong-un, St. Louis riots/protests, terrorist attacks anywhere.

Usually when I don’t want to be annoyed food is a safe bet, no?  No. I see that the cognoscenti of New York are promoting a new form of extreme eating based on extremely expensive extreme aging: Steak Aging Goes Beyond Weeks to Months for Some Chefs. This is beef aged for up to 180 days – that’s 6 months! In dog years I believe that translates to carrion.

But if you’re up for laying out a car payment for a hunk of rotting beef that tastes like stinky cheese this might be your thing.

aging beef

The hottest menu item at New York restaurants may be a plate of rotting beef.

Dining spots around town are offering steaks that have been aged anywhere from 90 to 180 days, pushing the limits well beyond the typical aging period of 21 to 45 days. Restaurateurs and chefs say the added time allows for greater tenderness and depth of flavor than the norm.

“I’ve been describing it like the taste of roasted hazelnuts and dehydrated mushrooms,” says Billy Oliva, executive chef of Delmonico’s. The lower Manhattan restaurant is marking its 180th anniversary by offering a 180-day dry-aged bone-in rib eye, served on a keepsake plate, for $380. The special is offered through Oct. 14. – WSJ

Fear not, this isn’t just any old rotting meat,according to Mr. Oliva this is a  “a controlled rot.” Sounds like the sort of thing that would be popular in Washington D.C..

Oddly, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean everyone loves it:

Which isn’t to say the flavor of the steak is one that every carnivore appreciates. Many chefs say the strong taste is a turnoff for most diners, especially when the beef has been aged for an extra-long time.

In other words, it tastes funky, like stinky cheese:


“It’s like blue cheese on a bone,” says Michael Lomonaco, chef and owner of Porter House Bar and Grill, a steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan’s Time Warner Center.

And if you’re one of those plebeians who doesn’t think shelling out 10 times as much for a steak that tastes  like roasted hazelnuts, dehydrated mushrooms and rotten meat sounds like good value – well, you just might be a deplorable.


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