Thursday, October 12, 2017

Donald Trump: Is He Ever Wrong?

After reading through yesterday’s comments, and paying special attention to those concerning Meryl I-had-no-idea-Harvey-was-such-a-creep Streep…

meryl surpriseMeryl was shocked – shocked I tell you - to find out there was sleeze going on in Hollywood.

I have to say, it appears that Trump has been proved right yet again:

trump streep

Meryl has made a career of histrionic acting, convincing people that she’s something she is not - like that time she appeared before Congress and acted like she actually knew something about alar and apples ("When are we going to stop killing our children!"). She was so convincing in that role that she nearly killed the entire apple industry.

alar apple scare

“I think the reason we have all been invited here, as I look around the room and I see so many experts, is we have been invited for what we do not know, which probably will fill the room. But actually, I do not mind representing the constituency of the great mass of uninformed, because I think what we do not know about this issue is the most alarming, and that is coming up over and over in what I have been hearing. What we don’t know is a frightening chasm.” Meryl Streep, creating fake news at the Senate Alar hearings, 1989

You know what Meryl, I don’t mind you “representing the constituency of the great mass of uninformed” either. I’d be much more upset if you tried to represent the constituency of the much smaller mass of us who are informed. Despite the fact you are one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t pull that off.

FFN_IMAGE_51967684|FFN_SET_70003019What you don’t know really is a frightening chasm

And while I know that you think Donald Trump is an idiot, and you are so much smarter, I’d advise you not to offer to compare I.Q.’s.

P.S. And let’s see you try to get a tax cut passed.

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