Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Goodbye Columbus Day

Just a couple of last thoughts on the Left’s attempt to deep-six Columbus Day because he was a white imperialist pig whose sole intent in taking to the high seas was to find some poor indigenous peoples to oppress. Because that’s just what white guys do.

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As I mentioned yesterday, the Salt Lake City Council unanimously decided to join the trendy observance of Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October, the same day as Columbus Day. Don’t worry, it won’t replace Columbus Day, which is a federal holiday, although they would if they could. Instead it will be a “parallel” holiday celebrated on the same day. That way you can you decide whether you want to be one of the enlightened, tolerant, sensitive, cognoscenti celebrating the First Peoples – or a brain dead cretin celebrating a genocidal white supremacist.

The Salt Lake City Council decided to take action because a bill  proposed in the State legislature last year by Sen. Jim Dabakis was defeated. At the time, Dabakis said he was crafting the legislation to honor the people who were in Utah before the pioneers, rather than Christopher Columbus.

“It’s kind of an old, haggering idea that Christopher Columbus did something,” Dabakis said. “He was the first white guy to arrive, he didn’t know where he was going, he ended up in a place he thought he wasn’t. He really has contributed nothing to civilization.”

Frankly, that sounds more like a Democrat to me - not the least bit original and completely wrong.

And I’m still confused: does the Left believe in open borders or not?

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