Sunday, October 22, 2017

Postmodern Bravery: Harvey Weinstein Edition

Hollywood has clearly lost what little grasp on reality they had:

people magazine

Oh for heaven’s sake: “How brave women –from superstars to assistants- stood up to a powerful movie mogul accused of horrifying sexual abuse.” In the immortal words of John McEnroe, “you cannot be serious!” I would like to think the People cover is intended as irony, but we all know better.

Let’s start with Rose McGowan, who’s been running her mouth non-stop about what a pig Weinstein is and how Hollywood just turns women into sex objects – there’s a real news flash! Here’s Rose at the 1998 MTV Music Awards in a dress that exposs her derriere, along with other lady parts:

Rose McGowan wears a dress exposing her derriere at the MTV Music Awards with Marilyn Manson in 1998.

Doesn’t appear to me that she needs much help turning herself into a sex object. I’m sorry she was raped by the pig when she was 23. But let’s be clear: she could have decided to be “brave” at the time, not 21 years later. She didn’t though; she opted not to press charges (blaming her lawyer) and she accepted Harvey’s $100K settlement. She didn’t have to do that, unless she decided she wanted stardom more than she wanted justice. She made her bargain with the devil and understandably regretted it later. 

Weinstein mcgowanBut why would you agree to continue to pose for photo ops with the creep? WHY?

No, I’m not blaming the victim. I’m just asking People Magazine, what “bravery” are you citing here? How is it that Ashley, Gwyneth or Angelina “stood up to” Harvey at the time? Did they file charges? Did they pen an editorial for the New York Times, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter or Washington Post exposing the misogynistic behavior of old Uncle Harv? Did they call for the end of exploitation of women in Hollywood when they were young, hot and exploitable?  Did they provide People Magazine with an up-close and personal expose of the perv who was molesting and assaulting young actresses and wannabes when they ran the risk of being black listed?


No, I think not. They were silent. So how does keeping your yap shut for years on end, allowing this pig to continue his abusive attacks on other young women with impunity constitute valorous behavior? They didn’t “take down a Hollywood predator” they simply piled on when someone else finally did, decades later.  They may have been victims but stop casting them as heroic – another word that has come to mean nothing in the postmodern transformation of America.

RELATED: Michelle’s chosen role model for her girls, Beyoncé, according to US Weekly, is rockin’ her toned post-baby bod in a crop top and form fitting skirt from her Ivy Park clothing line. Because shouldn’t every girl aspire to looking like a Barbie doll dressed up like a pimped out whore? So they can be more empowered, or something.

role model beyonce in her barbie doll pose

And by-the-way, why is it cultural appropriation for white women to wear hoop earrings but perfectly okay for black women to sport straight blonde hair?

87309920Michelle embraces her blonde black role model friend

Never mind, I know: because RACISM! And while I’m at it, isn’t dressing like a slut some kind of cultural appropriation? After all, Madonna did it first. Or is it racist of me to even suggest that?

Trophy_Oscar4 Spare me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for the marquee, The wretched refuse of the teeming whores. Send these, the soulless, tempest-tossed, debris: they lift their lamps to the gold they grope for.

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