Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Worm Turns: Part I

the_molsterman_report_copy[8]NOTICE: Raj and Little Mo will be occupying MOTUS’ blog while she enjoys a well deserved vacation with her BFF at an undisclosed location somewhere along the shores of the Great Lakes.

And just so you know what to expect in her absence: there will be dirt.


And right out of the chute Little Mo scores the first dirt strike. Straight from WaPo: Clinton, DNC Paid for Dirt; Russian Dossier. But, but but…Hillary said the Russians were trying to bury her in the dirt! What’s going on here? This could actually prove to be dangerous for Camp Clinton.

And if that isn’t enough to send Hillary in search of a  little dirt nap, there’s this this exclusive scoop that Little Mo got right after Tucker aired it last night:

In a nutshell: Former senior employee of the Podesta Group says that the media reports about the Russian collusion not only have it wrong, they have it backwards. Paul Manafort is at the center of the Russia collusion investigation, not because he was Trump’s campaign chairman for about 2 minutes, but because he was working with the Podesta group on behalf of Russia and Russian oligarchs for years. And oddly, not one of the MSM crack investigative journalists managed to get a hold of that bone over the course of the past 11 months. That’s not exactly dogging this story to the ground; no wonder that dog won’t hunt.

beagle-hunting_russian fox

This is breath taking. And it certainly makes Hilz’ 40,000 delete emails about yoga lessons and wedding plans a lot more interesting.

It could very well indicate that the time has come, my friends, for that worm to turn.

mole and his worm

As MOTUS said yesterday, “buckle up Buttercup, this is going to be a long hard ride.” And stay tuned, with enough covfefe Little Mo will continue digging until he gets to the bottom of this story.

tunnel mole

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