Monday, November 13, 2017

Carpe Diem Baby

This Public Service Announcement is directed at the GOP Establishment:

 bears packers empty seatsempty                      seatsempty seats lions brownsjets bucks empty seatsla rams stadiumNFL Sunday and the games are underway with plenty of seats available.

From the top, empty seats at Bears v Packers, Titans v Bengals, Lions v Browns (why don’t they have to change their name?), Jets v Buccaneers, Rams v Oilers. If you are hell-bent on ticking your fans off, don’t expect them to show up for game day.

On any given Sunday your ex-fans might decide to stay home and wash their hair. Especially if you’ve decided to maintain the role of underdog-in-perpetuity rather than be a champion.

trump championCarpe Diem baby!

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