Friday, November 17, 2017

FLOTUS FRIDAY: Get the Popcorn

Be sure to check Melania’s Twitter feed account for a series of videos recapping her rather spectacular Asian trip.


The trip apparently awakened editors at many publications to the fact that many Americans enjoyed reading about the FLOTUS even though she isn’t black anymore.

 melania tokyo redIn fact stories are suddenly springing up everywhere about anything…and nothing:

It's Melania 2.0, as Mrs. Trump Iterates in Asia - The New York Times

Inside First Lady Melania Trump's mysterious life - Business Insider

Melania and Donald Trump's Stale Wedding Cake Is Up for Auction - Vanity Fair

Melania Trump breaks away from her husband in crucial ways - Markets Insider

Hervé Pierre, who designed Melania Trump's inauguration gown, launches dress line - Washington Post

It seems they’ve finally noted that Michelle Obama wasn’t the only FLOTUS  who has ever interacted with children.


And that those interactions don’t always have to involve vegetables….

melania and the harmonica kidMelania and the harmonica kid

nor are all children in America minorities.

melania play doh

Now stock up on the popcorn and hope that this weekend brings us more videos of Al Franken in his Franken-pig days as well as videos from the Uranium One informant showing the exchange of suitcases containing stacks of money.

080109_hillarytears_popStop wondering why you weren’t 50 points ahead and wonder why you’re not behind bars

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