Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stop Teaching Children To Hate

Stop teaching children to hate:

A Florida university is teaching a "White Racism" class designed to show "the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society."

“Too many Americans, especially whites, are cocooned in a ‘bubble of unreality’ as it concerns racial matters,” Thornhill said.

Students will read “important scholarship” to “gain a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of race, white racism, racial inequality, and white supremacy,” in addition to challenging “widely and adamantly held, but empirically unsubstantiated myths about racial matters in the U.S.,” Thornhill said.

everything is racist“White Racism” Course Curriculum

If you object or are offended by the course’s title you are part of the problem and according to Dr. Thornhill you are not just wrong, you are ignorant:

“Attempts to paint  the course as anything other than that contained in the course description, which is self-explanatory, betrays gross ignorance and/or malevolent intent as well as a self-evident need to enroll in the course.”Campus Reform

janeine garofolo racist

And Dr. Thornhill will set you straight:

“Many whites have subscribed to and promoted racist ideologies, championed and/or enacted scores of racist laws, policies, practices, and traditions, and made incalculable decisions in their daily lives that have operated to maintain white racial domination over blacks and other people of color for hundreds of years,” he said.

If that includes all the people who created, expanded and continue to support Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” system of welfare and handouts that destroyed the black family, I might be inclined to agree with that statement. Whereas I doubt that’s what the FGSU professor means by “racism” I’ll just self-identify  as an “ignorant” deplorable, shut up and remain irrelevant.

racial healing tweetThe infamous evergreen tweet from the Obama years

Side note: Another one bites the dust. But who’s counting?

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