Friday, February 16, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Post-Valentine Edition

It’s been a long week and I think we could all use a palate cleanser. How about FLOTUS visiting sick children at the National Institute of Health to pass out Valentines and make cookies?

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The media coverage was predictable, as usual:

Melania Trump was feeling the love on Valentine's Day in $2,995 Calvin Klein look. [Imagine that, wife of billionaire wears designer coat.]

Melania Trump Spends Valentine's Day with Ill Kids as Husband's Lawyer Admits He Paid Off Porn Star. [Guess what? We still don’t care.]

And my personal favorite:

Twitter calls her out for not wishing her husband a happy Valentine's Day.

Because it’s now considered “normal” for the White Houses occupants to send syrupy, publicist written, made-for-public-consumption Valentines to each other? Since when? Oh yeah, since Obama.

I heart grimacesBO and MO, sporting their Valentine’s Day grimaces, demonstrate how it should be done.

In sharp contrast, Barack and Michelle Obama both shared sweet messages to one another in honor of Valentine's Day.

Oh yeah, now I remember: the Obamas used to mess traffic up in D.C. in order to go out for a romantic Valentine’s dinner before jetting off for separate but equal expensive vacations.

I guess some world leaders just naturally take direction from former world leaders better than others:

4938D0AA00000578-5392931-Canadian_Prime_Minister_Justin_Trudeau_valentineJustiefek (H/T JettieG) weighs in

VSGPDJT did receive a lot of Valentines from his fans, but his favorite is the one he got from the media – it’s the same one they sent last year.

calvin valentines“Dear President Trump, I hate you. Drop dead.” Sincerely, the Fake News Media

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