Monday, February 12, 2018

Olympic Apparatchiks

North Korea Judged Winner of Diplomatic Gold at Olympics! – Reuters

kim jong un rocketman

I understand the American media’s fawning over North Korea’s cynical Olympic “unification” overtures. They really can’t help themselves – the media’s always been a sucker for a certain “type” and they fall for the same guy time and time again. 

Lenin_CHANGE_posterStalin_Changeobama-hope-poster-taupeHow can you not recognise mao zedong _082f8f3c39542ef515c2ab31cc52f7f1

che_revolution_poster_hopefidel castro hopehugo hopeObama_Poster_Cowbell

So naturally they are willing to overlook Rocketman’s past atrocities, assume that he’s changed his bad-boy ways and is well on his way to winning the Nobel Peace Price. The chemistry was just too much to resist.

Still, Fangirling a guy who runs a repressive regime, starves his people to death and threatens nuclear annihilation seems a bit extreme - even if you are doing it to bash the Trump Administration. Seriously media: there are limits to “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy. You might want to go back to the play book and search for a tactic that doesn’t make you look like such a bunch of apparatchiks.

kim jung un nuke

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