Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weather Report: Stormy, With a Chance of Nuclear Fallout

What? We’re expelling Russian diplomats? That should make the Left happy, no? No, not happy yet. It’s not enough! We need to do more!

What would be adequate? A Nuclear bomb?


That might end all this Russia! Russia! Russia! talk and we could get on to Stormy Daniels. Or perhaps they would have PDJT to consult with our diplomatic genius emeritus, Barry Obama. Now HE knows how to deal with Russians!

barack-obama_dmitry-medvedevObama-Medvedev-Caught-on-Hot-Microphone-01‘Tell Vladdie I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re-elected for life.’

Spies, nerve agents, HAZMAT frogmen on the march...


Forgive me if I’m unable to take any of this stuff seriously anymore. Can’t we just get back talk about the President meeting with prostitutes?

trump meets with prostitutesh/t CoolBrew and OP Durrwood

Weather report: Stormy, with a chance of nuclear fallout:

stormy 2

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