Sunday, March 25, 2018

Resist We Much! Kiddie Edition

Ohm's law: deals with the relationship between voltage and current in an ideal conductor. This relationship states that: The potential difference (voltage) across an ideal conductor is proportional to the current through it. The constant of proportionality is called the "resistance." Ohm's Law is given by: V = I R

Yesterday the streets were filled with the resistance: high school students and their parents  – many of whom have not and never will take Physics 101 – demanding gun control in order to protect their lives. Apparently many of them have not taken American history* either. But never mind all that: they know what they feel.

march-for-our-lives-signsWhatever that means

So yes, bring on the resistors,


1. a device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit.

2. a device that has electrical resistance and that is used in an electric circuit for protection, operation, or current control

… who just want common sense gun controls in the equation. That should resolve the problem of bad guys with guns.


So what do you say we just kick those old worn out capacitors to the side:


1. A device for accumulating and holding a charge of electricity, consisting of two equally charged conducting surfaces having opposite signs and separated by a dielectric (insulator).

They just get in the way of change.


And the children know that all we need to fix the world are fewer capacitors and more resistors!

16391306_GFrom the mouths of babes: Gun Confiscation - NOW!

o'pony copyWhat he really wanted to say

What could go wrong?
resistor 55
Sparebots by Lenny and Meriel
*A brief synopsis of what the Second Amendment is about for those who missed it in history class:
Despite what your teacher may have told you, it’s not about hunting.