Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#OpenWhineWednesday: Riding the Corduroy Into the Sunset

cordouroy grooming at deer valleyFreshly groomed corduroy slopes at Deer Valley, before they turn to mush

So here’s the deal, today is our last ski day of the season. Technically the resort is open through Sunday but the weather for the rest of the week is going to be warm and/or rainy. Now, there was a time when I loved skiing in spring’s soft, slushy, corn snow. But that time was about 20 years ago, when my knees still had reasonably functioning cartilage and tendons that still had a little stretch left in them. So today is it: the last day of the season that’s cold enough to glide over the snow rather than sinking in up to your ankles as if you were skiing through wet cement.

So here’s your Wednesday Whine: there’s no proper post today. As for my Wednesday Whine: my knees are no longer as young and lithe as they once were.

ski jumpers

So we’ll probably be stopping for the day around lunchtime where I’ll toast the end of the season and pray that we will be granted several more before having to hang up the skis permanently.

lunch at deer valleyWarning: do NOT drink and ski. Unless you have to.

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