Thursday, April 5, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: White (Democrat) Privilege Edition

Chappaquiddick, the movie, is going to be released nationwide tomorrow, nearly 50 years after the actual incident nearly deep-sixed Teddy Kennedy’s political career. It might surprise you to know that there is an entire generation that has never even heard of Chappaquiddick let alone Mary Jo Kopechne1, including the movie’s thirty-something screenwriters Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan.

“This is our first screenplay; it was something that we had been really passionate about since we first heard about Chappaquiddick. Which, despite being reasonably politically engaged people, I hadn’t heard of it until 2008 during the primary for that year’s presidential election…We were just so surprised to have never heard of it before.”Box Office

Evidence that public education has adopted the former U.S.S.R.’s practice of historical negationism.

The movie, predictably, has the Twitterverse atwitter:


ben shapiro

All of which leads to the inevitable second guessing: if the media had done its job in 1969 we wouldn’t be dealing with the fallout from Teddy Kennedy’s disastrous 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. The take home from that revelation is that nothing much has changed with the media in 50 years: they’re still protecting their favored leftist icons, no matter how flawed. The only difference is that now you can add the FBI to the list of partisan hacks who would do anything to prevent their “guy” (trigger warning! sexist!) from going down.

It should be interesting to see the reviews for this movie. As always, Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

chappaquidick car“I can’t breathe!”


1Chappaquiddick primer for millennials and under here.

2Kate Mara is the only actress to have portrayed not just one but two young women killed by presidential-wannabes.

ZOE AND MARY JOKate Mara as the ill-fated Zoe Barnes,left, and Mary Jo Kopechne

3Years after the deadly incident on Chappaquiddick Teddy-the-Lion-of-the-Senate-Kennedy actually named his Portuguese water dog “Splash” leading many to wonder how long he had harbored a brain tumor before it was diagnosed.

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