Sunday, April 29, 2018

WHCD – Keepin’ It Classy As Always

This is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

The Reds,

wolf griffenRoaster Red Comedian Michelle Wolf and would-be-presidential assassin, Kathy Griffin

white and blue:

sarah kellyanneSarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway

And this is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Drugs:

wolf griffen2

Griffin spoke with reporters just moments after the annual "nerd prom" wrapped on Saturday night.

“I loved it. I thought she really did what she needed to do,” Griffin told reporters of Michelle Wolf’s set. “As a female, you’ve got to work harder, you’ve got to jump higher. And she did it. She went there - fearlessly.”

If by “work harder” you mean trash talkin’ and by “jump higher” you mean like off a cliff and by “fearlessly” you mean viciously.

“I thought frankly the audience reaction a couple times were tepid, and I really felt it was because she was a woman. I think a lot of her comments made these straighty,  backwards dinosaurs uncomfortable. And I live for that,” she added.The Hill

Maybe the reaction was a little tepid because there are still some people, even in the press corps, who are still appalled by expletive riddled rants disguised as humor. But you just keep playing that victim-of-sexists-like-Trump card. I’m sure your dance card will be filled every weekend.

3726FDC400000578-3734855-Michelle_Wolf_is_a_name_few_will_have_heard_of_but_as_a_star_of_-m-73_1471021673133Michelle Wolf,

kathy griffin danceKathy Griffin, keeping it classy since, well, never

Parents: Don’t let your children do drugs. They will turn into angry, hate-filled ‘comedians’ with hollow lives and even hollower souls.

And just for the record, PDJT clearly made the right choice between the WHCD and the rally in Washington Twp. Michigan last night.


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