Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How About We Just Buy Everyone a Coke?

“Trump…has frequently cited the caravan as a justification for tough measures against illegal immigration.” LA Times

Question: if the caravan is not a justification for tough measures against ILLEGAL immigration what, pray tell, is? And here’s a little tip from Tucker for illegal immigrants being coached to ask for asylum when they cross the U.S. border:

honduran flags

“When you arrive in a country, you don’t wave the flag of a foreign nation. That’s what you do when you invade. Immigration happens with the consent of the host country.”

But when you are trying to reformat the basic demographic of the United States of America for political reasons, well, you know - by any means necessary:

 Caravans have been a fairly common tactic for advocacy groups to bring attention to asylum-seekers. Four locations in Tijuana were being set up for lawyers to tell the migrants what they should expect when they turn themselves in to U.S. custody for questioning by immigration officers. - Daily Mail

Translation: they will be coached by the likes of Nicole Ramos, U.S. attorney and immigration activist, on specifically what to say in order to qualify as an asylum seeker in the U.S..

nicoleNicole, seen here with her megaphone in Tijuana, trashing her own country for not accepting these unvetted invaders,

So far we’ve been turning most of these migrant invaders away at the border as the San Diego crossing was said to be at capacity. But given the way current immigration law is written, I suspect the majority of them will be admitted eventually, having been well coached by the do-gooders who want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

cokeHow about we just buy them a Coke and send them home?

I say we should quarantine any of them allowed into the United States.

trewhere the oak tree wasWhere the oak tree was – prior to quarantine

In a country where even trees have to be vetted shouldn’t we be able to vet uninvited, illegal migrants as well?

There's no reason to make a fuss about the disappearance of an oak tree planted on the White House lawn last week…It was simply put in quarantine, just like all other plants and animals brought into the United States and its territories.

I say lock ‘em up. But then, I’m so old I remember when people who wanted to come to this country had to actually apply for Visas, not just say “my country sucks, so I’d like to try yours.”

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