Friday, May 11, 2018


FLOTUS was busy this week.

Announcing her Be Best initiative.


Who moves that gracefully in 6 inch heels and a pencil skirt?


Hosting the Military Families Mother’s Day breakfast:



Greeting the returning hostages from North Korea:


Who looks that good at 2:00 am?


And the MSM coverage was everything we’ve come to expect: Gasp! Melania wears white pumps before Memorial Day! Melania designs her own logo, and it’s just as bad as you think! Melania plagiarizes…again! Too much talk, not enough action! Who’s being dismissive, even derisive, of women now I ask you?

And by the way, in the FLOTUS logo contest I’m giving it to Melania because not only is it simple,


but it was done for FREE, by the FLOTUS herself.

Which is way better than the $2 million plate logo that Lady M had developed in her own image and likeness:

my plate

“According to the New York Times, the U.S.D.A. has already spent $2 million developing and promoting the plate logo, costs that covered research, focus groups and the creation of a new Web site. That total will likely swell after publicity efforts are kicked off in the first year of the new  campaign announced this morning by First Lady Obama, who promised that her Let’s Move initiative would continue to work to promote MyPlate in coming months.” Forbes

And that doesn’t even count the cost of the very creative “Let’s Move” logo that Lady M also did not create herself - somebody else did that for her.


Oh look! There’s an apple! How clever!!!!

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