Saturday, May 12, 2018

PDJT: He’s Got a Pen & a Sword and He Knows How to Use Them

Although John McCain wrote that he regrets having selected Sarah Palin as his running mate she continues to speak highly of him:

That strikes me as pretty classy, considering a great many of us voted for her, not John McCain, in ‘08. And unlike the phony bologna Leftists who spend a lot of time virtue-signaling that they’re better than you,

mo hi-lo

Conservatives like Sarah Palin just act on those principles.

And just what does the Left consider “going higher” anyway?

trmp attackIt may not be what you consider “higher”

Keep in mind that since they also assume themselves to be morally superior they believe they are free to accomplish their objectives through any means necessary – a tactic seldom consistent with “going higher.”

For illustrative purposes here are a few examples of what Democrats consider“going higher” in order to win:

  • Use your campaign to fund the manufactured-out-of-whole-cloth Steele dossier to discredit your opponent.
  • Use Organizing for Action (formerly  Obama for America,  formerly Organizing for America) to pay Stormy Daniel’s attorney to pursue her allegations against PDJT. 
  • Use the FBI to plant a mole inside the Trump campaign, in order to discredit your opponent and pursue allegations against PDJT.
  • Use the IRS to “punish your enemies.”
  • Use the government purse to “reward your friends.”
  • Withhold information from Congressional investigations that would make you look bad or your opponent look good.

So this is my message for the Left: take you own advice and Just Shut Up! Stop complaining about the “debasement” of politics. You invented the stratagem, we just embraced it. Just like we didn’t invent a divisive presidency: Barack Hussein Obama pretty much did that on his own, although his rich friends pitched in to help.

I’m sure you understand the problem: live by the sword, die by the sword.  And unfortunately we’ve seen how the pen is mightier than the sword.

bo pen_thumb[8]

signature 2“Nice pen, Barry, but my signature’s bigger than your signature.”

Oh, and he has a sword too. And he knows how to use it.

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