Thursday, June 14, 2018

Best Birthday Present Of All Time. EVER. (UPDATED)

Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump!

What do you get a Very Stable Genius who has everything for his birthday?


  “President Trump, now that you have the IG’s report, what are you going to do?”

Hillary-Clinton-Jail-Bars.001 “I’m going to lock her up.”

P.S. Happy 243rd Birthday to the U.S. Army too.

And Happy Flag Day.

flag cake

It’s almost as if Donald Trump was destined to be president, or something.

UPDATE Check it out, Donald J. Trump as a boy:

donald trump as a child

Proof that he was sincere when he said he loves the Mexican people, and has since he was a very young boy:

Screen Capture #230

He and Juan Valdez grew up together!

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