Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Peace: In a New York Minute

180611204213-02-trump-kim-handshake-0611-screengrab-large-169Historic handshake between the leaders with arguably the two funkiest hairdos in the world

There are lessons in the North Korea deal signed by Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump for everyone.

For the media: don’t write your (dire) headlines before history happens.

For Obama: You want a nuclear-free world? This is how it’s done, son. It’s called “peace through strength."

trump obama“Watch me”

Never-Trumpers: “He’ll never get it done” Trump: “Hold my covfefe”

covfefeWe finally know what he meant

Justine Trudeau: If you wanted me to ink a trade deal all you had to do was play it straight

djtrump eyebrows trudeau

Iran mullahs: Ours are bigger than yours.

Liberals: I don’t want to hear anymore about family reunification. If North and South Korea reunification isn’t enough for you you’ll never be satisfied.

World: Never underestimate the Donald.

donald-trump-trade-wars-change-mind Yeah, I’ve got this

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