Saturday, June 9, 2018

National Rosé Day? Now It’s Doomed.

Did you know that today was National Rosé Day?

rose basket

“Everyone's going crazé for rosé…it's one of the trendiest items of the past few years.”

I hate it when something I like gets trendy** in no small part because the first clue of its going vogue is price escalation. I’ve loved rosé since my college days (and nights) of cheap Mateus

mateusmateusVoted best wine bottle candle holder of all time – even better than cheap chianti

and Lancers. When the sweet-as-cotton-candy Pink Zinfandel made the scene in the late 70’s the availability or real rosé, even in wine stores, all but evaporated. But when you could find it even the best French rosé was relatively cheap and the Spanish and Italian varieties were nearly as cheap as soda. No longer, my friends.

Which is why I was so excited to discover the Kirkland Provencal rosé at a reasonable price. On the other hand, when Costco starts sourcing and branding their own product you know the trendoids now own it.

provence rose

But if you don’t care for rosé wine, grab yourself a pair of rosé colored glasses and have yourself a great National Rosé Day anyway.


**Except for Trump. I loved it when he got trendy.

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