Sunday, June 3, 2018

MOTUS’ Semi-Irregular Summer Sabbatical 2018

time has come walrus

Specifically, time has come for MOTUS’s Semi-irregular Summer Sabbatical. Those of you who’ve been around for a while will recall I’ve taken, or tried to take, them occasionally in the past. I skipped 2016 altogether, as the battle of a lifetime was brewing, and last year I had good intentions but ended up posting more often than not as VSGPDJT was under constant assault – a condition we’ve all grown  accustomed to now.

So this summer I really do need to tend to various matters on the home front because, as you all know, the chores don’t do themselves, half-done projects do not resolve on their own and new maintenance projects multiply like rabbits.

bunnies multiplying

And this year, as PDJT continues to drain the Potomac swamp,  Raj and I will attempt to clear our own of the debris and detritus that has collected of its own volition over the course of 45 years.

notice more supplies than road ahead2

So for the balance of the summer I will provide a jumping off point for your daily forum to discuss the daily news, views and ruse(s). I know you are quite capable of entertaining yourselves and I trust you can also moderate and resolve any misunderstandings or disagreements. I will irregularly do a regular post and will still check in on the comments as time permits.

So as summer rolls languidly along like old man river…

river vista

I trust I can count on the MOTI to carry the load - with all the wit, snark and je ne sais quoi we’ve come to expect.

I wish you all a wonderful summer.

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