Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Lightbringer Fails To See The Light

TRUMP ECONOMY ON FIRE: Unemployment now 3.8% (Jobless rate at 18 year low!), and so much more of that 3 letter word: JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (h/t Joe Biden). Everything Beating Expectations! Naturally, Barry takes credit: “I've got the economy set up well for him,” Obama said, according to Ben Rhodes upcoming book.

bo lightbringerThe Lightbringer, setting up the economy for Trump, one subsidized lightbulb at a time

Funny, I don’t recall the Obama economic plan implementing any de-regulation initiatives. Or championing and passing a yuge income tax reduction  – both of which actually stimulated an economy that had languished for the previous 8 years.

In fact, I don’t remember any part of Obama’s economic plan beyond extended unemployment benefits and increased food stamps.  Oh, and the Stimulus Gigundulus  of course -


the largest transfer payment plan in the nation’s history: taking billions of taxpayer dollars and giving them to crony capitalists in various favored business sectors.

Ah yes, it was magical! Eight years of “Keynesian fairy dust”


that created the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression (even with the aid of a zero percent interest rate artificially maintained to gin up the economy); or as Obamaphiles like to refer to it “the fourth longest expansion in U.S. history.”

Obama ended his 8 year reign ranked thirteenth out of 13 presidents in terms of economic growth: and several of them only had 4 years to play with.

13th of 13 economic growthImagine ranking below Gerry Ford’s economy. And Jimmy Carter’s! Brilliant!!

So I guess you could say Obama set the economy up well for Trump: there was no way to go but up.

bo the lightbringer

The Oracle gazes into his crystal ball and fails to see Trump

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