Monday, July 30, 2018

Choose Wisely Weedhopper

Michigan’s primary is August 7 and last weekend the Progressive People’s Heroine from the Republic of New York came to my state to promote her equally progressive choice for Michigan’s governor. Why anyone should care who a socialist bartender from the Bronx thinks should be governor of our state is beyond me, but here she is, in her F-Me boots, promoting fellow socialist, Abdul El-Sayed.

Related Bernie Sanders endorses Abdul El-Sayed for Michigan governorYeah, let’s elect more of that.

If you’re keeping track, El-Sayed was likewise endorsed by Bernie Sanders last week so it looks like he’s pretty much got the Progressive Democrats United votes locked up. And he’s got the Bernie-bro platform to keep them:

He has pledged universal healthcare to all Michiganders if it fails on the federal level, says he will push to legalize marijuana and says he will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and make Michigan a “sanctuary state”: as a spokesman puts it, he is “unwilling to waste state taxpayer money to enforce federal law that would rob small businesses of hardworking employees and tear apart families.”

Sure, there are still a lot of people holding irrational fears about nominating another guy with a funny sounding name. But here’s a hard-hitting interview that should allay the fears of all of you prejudiced Islamophobes:

The rumors surrounding El-Sayed’s faith are small but persistent, spread by a handful of far-right websites preying on the uninformed and fearful.

One morning, I asked him about them over breakfast.

“Are you the spear tip of a vast Muslim conspiracy to bring Sharia law to the US?”

“No,” he said.

“Are you a front for the Muslim brotherhood to pervert American politics towards terrorism?”


“Were you handpicked by George Soros to lead a vast liberal takeover of the government?”

“No. I’ve never met George Soros.” - Guardian

So there you have it: the man is not in favor of Sharia Law, he’s just a progressive socialist. I leave it you you to determine which is worse.


Remind me and tomorrow I’ll tell you about my problems with my less-than-a-year-old-top-of-the-line-computer - assuming it’s still functioning at all.

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