Saturday, August 4, 2018

It Is Our Responsibility To Eliminate These Bothersome Invaders

Where are the animal rights activists when you need them?

h/t SmallDeadAnimals

Honestly, I think zoning laws should make these wasp zapping contraptions mandatory for all new builds, but then I’m deathly allergic to wasps so I’ll allow as how my position may be considered extreme. Still, nothing - not even ants - can ruin a good picnic the way wasps can.

It does occur to me that if you can take out that many wasps with just a modified string trimmer the carnage caused by their much larger mechanical relatives must be biblical.

windmills birds2

I call for a pox on all of them – and I know who can make that happen.

shoebillI will bend your arms of steel with my powerful talons and send them pummeling to earth


Just to be clear though, I’m totally down with the wasp zapper.


Because the only good wasp is a dead wasp. In my humble opinion.

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