Friday, July 6, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday – We Do Patriotism Right

#FLOTUSFriday, and this week’s sighting was exceptional: red, white and blue, worn right.


Or, as InStyle put it: “First Lady Melania Trump opted for a Fourth of July outfit that was dripping in patriotic symbolism.” [annotation mine]

While attending a picnic for military families at the White House, Melania stepped out in a blue and white gingham floor-length dress which she cinched at the waist with a bold, fire-engine red bow belt. The high-slit, which was only visible when the First Lady descended the stairs, gave us a peek at color-coordinated cherry pumps. The look—by Melania's favorite American designer, Ralph Lauren—is about as patriotic as you can get, save for literally wearing the American flag and accessorizing with a Bald Eagle. [and we all know the only time the Left wraps itelf in the American flag is to demand we respect the rights they would deny to those who disagree with them].

antifa flag burning2Or to burn it

Though gingham print has European origins [see? we’re all immigrants!], it has widely been associated with mid-century Americana—think Norman Rockwell images of the '50s, perhaps a picture-perfect family gathered on red-and-white checkered picnic blanket. Even the style of the shirt dress—with its tall collar and traditional fit-and-flare silhouette—seems like a nod to something old, something classic. Something of idyllic America.

We aren't surprised to see the First Lady in Ralph Lauren, either…The designer has long been synonymous with an "All-American" look, however, like the Trumps' style—which worships the old guard and wealth—Lauren's yacht-chic aesthetic has been called "exasperatingly hollow" by some critics in recent seasons.[you know, after he continued to dress FLOTUS despite demands from the smug establishment “creatives” that all self-respecting designers refuse to do so].

"[Lauren]'s goal has always been to exploit a particularly American notion of exceptionalism, aspiration and success—the kind of success that begets wealth," [need I point out this is a bad thing according to our betters?] wrote critic Robin Givhan of the designer's spring 2018 collection…She added that this "glossy" look of Lauren's collection was both "ill-timed" and suspicious in this particular political and social climate. "It leaves one feeling unsettled. It leaves one asking: What fresh lie is this?"

It leaves me asking “what is wrong with you people?” Only our political, spiritual and cultural betters could make patriotic symbolism seem like a bad thing.

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