Sunday, July 1, 2018

Prepare to Celebrate

This is a dilemma: the 4th of July is on Wednesday so which weekend is technically “4th of July weekend” this year?  I checked my State’s fireworks schedule to see if that would give me a clue but it looks like those communities that don’t actually shoot them off on the 4th are split between the weekend before and after.

This leads me to conclude that Wednesday is the perfect day for the 4th as you can log a 9 day, two weekend holiday by spending only 4 days from your vacation bank. I haven’t worked (for compensation) for a long time now, but I do remember when that seemed exceptionally good value.

So if you’re combining America’s birthday with an early summer vacation, I wish you a very long, golden week of fireworks and patriotic treats – like these 4th of July brownies.


And if you’re the betting sort, do you want to bet that Google, who today celebrates Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s 372nd birthday,

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 372 birthday google doodle 7 1

will not bother to take note of America’s 242nd next Wednesday?


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