Thursday, July 12, 2018

From Now On At Least Bring a Passing Dish

Leftists of the world, are you paying attention? You’ve just been Trumped.

Up till now every time NATO threw a party the US was asked to bring the Porterhouse steaks, tenderloins, baked potatoes, baked beans and adult beverages while Belgium contributed chocolates, France, cheese and Britain, tea. Yesterday our VSGPDT filed his second formal complaint to the laggards, letting them know that if they expected the US to keep attending these annual picnics they would have to start bringing more to the table.

And quelle surprise! In an emergency meeting held early this morning the 29 other NATO countries managed to cough up an additional $33-40 billion commitment. Funding at what President Trump said was “at levels nobody has ever seen before.”

Very Special Genius President Donald J. Trump: this is what leadership looks like.

trump i'm talking to you“Yeah, I’m talking to you.”

From now on the least you can do is bring a passing dish.

potato salad

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