Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Live By the Sword, Die By the Sword

Glenn Reynolds has an ongoing gag line: The left is really going to hate living under the new rules they’ve created.”

In this case it’s their in-kind special interest group replacement policy: a woman is to be replace with a woman, a black man with another black man, etc.. Otherwise you’re losing the increasingly tortuous game of affirmative action.

So if you don’t like the newly named Supreme Court nominee – and I note that loud portions of the Left have already assembled with their unhinged flock to scream at the waning moon with pre-printed signs opposing Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment -


don’t blame President Trump; he isn’t the one who wrote the Liberals Little Guide to Entitlements Handbook.  Someone else did that. So if an Irishman vacates a seat, he must be replaced by another Irishman. Farewell Justice Kennedy, hello Justice Kavanaugh.

Don’t cry, boys – they’re your rules.

scorseses-irishman-pacino de NiroRobert De Niro and Al Pacino in Martin Sorsese’s The Irishman (coming to theaters in 2019)

Side note: only in Hollywood could you get away with having two wops playing a couple of Mick mobsters. Hollywood: home of the enduring values of abortion, gay marriage, and deep seated hatred for conservatives.

The angry mobsters are not going to be happy.

grapes of wrath2

Thank you Andrew Breitbart. Thank you President Trump.

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