Tuesday, September 4, 2018

…But I’m Happy It’s Over For My Enemies Too

I would be in trouble if I was still of school age as I overslept this morning. No particular reason, wasn’t up particularly late, didn’t sleep any worse than usual, just protesting the end of summer I guess. Apparently I’m still at step one of grieving the end of summer: denial.


I will eventually move on through the other 4 stages, sometime around Thanksgiving, but for now I will remain in denial. That should be easy as it’s supposed to hit the mid-90’s today with the heat index topping 100. Unfortunately it’s also the first day of school around here which will present a dilemma for the Detroit schools as they regularly dismiss for such oppressive heat in the Spring. They’re scheduled for just a half day so maybe they can tough it out. If the heat wave continues, as it’s supposed to, they can hold half day sessions all week and use it as a teaching opportunity for the most important subject in the curriculum: Global Warming.

global warming

Any whoo, don’t forget to put your white clothes and accessories away as our betters have determined that we’re not allowed to wear them again until next Memorial Day.


So let’s not make waves, put those white clam diggers on ice for now. You don’t want to be accused of being a white supremacist. Otherwise, get out there today and deny, deny, deny! The thermometer is working in your favor. Besides, it might be fun to act like Democrat for awhile.

day after labor day

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