Friday, October 19, 2018

FLOTUS Friday Fluency

The week in FLOTUS: Melania and PDJT visited areas ravaged by Hurricane Michael, No word yet on whether MSM approved of her jacket and footwear on this trip.


But they did bash the President for leaving her standing in the rain when he came over to answer the questions he was shouting at him.


Fortunately Melania, unlike snowflakes, doesn’t melt in a little rain. And of course they would have criticized the President more had he not come over to answer the questions they were shouting at him.

Next FLOTUS was off to Pittsburg to speak at a conference of the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Council held at Thomas Jefferson Hospital. Afterwards she toured the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit to speak with mothers and clinicians who care for newborns suffering from opioid and drug withdrawal.


Of course the only news carried about the event was the fire aboard Melania’s plane at takeoff, forcing it to return to Andrews Joint Base and causing reporters aboard to “cover their faces with wet towels” which I must say sounds like a good idea. Subsequent headlines ran from  “FLOTUS So Hot Plane Catches Fire” to “Suspicious Fire On First Lady’s Plane Possible Work of Saudi Arabia.”

Thankfully everyone was okay and the press was free to ignore this event.

Melania-Trump-news-Donald-wife-wears-USA-cap-for-Florida-visit-1558087Maybe if she would just stop wearing those USA hats they dislike so much…

Instead they continue to mock her speech, although she’s fluent in 5 languages, while praising their newest non-white Queen, who can’t speak even one fluently.