Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Strange Case of the Undead

Things get curiouser and curiouser in the possible abduction and murder of Washington Post Muslim Brotherhood reporter. Here are a few questions I still have about the whole situation:

  • Is Khashoggi really dead?
  • If so, who dunnit, and if it was the Saudis, why did it require a 15 man assassin team?
  • Why did the WaPo have a Muslim Brotherhood reporter on staff?
  • Are we to believe our Turkish ‘allies’ or our Saudi ‘allies’?
  • Who’s trying to start WWIII?

And while the answers may be interesting they won’t help us choose sides. As Spengler points out, there are no good guys in this fight and we can’t trust our “Intelligence Establishment” to sort it for us. (H/T to the Obama administration for enabling Deep State to reach this level of lack-of-confidence.) All we do know is that anyone failed-novelist-turned-Obama-foreign-affairs-advisor, Ben Rhodes, sides with is no friend of ours. So just say nyet to Turkey and Iran, and keep Saudi Arabia on a long, strong leash.

As to the demise of Khashoggi, don’t be completely surprised if he turns up undead. It’s that time of year after all.

vote-the-hillary-zombie apocalypse

But when it comes to picking which undead team to back, the Zombies or the Vampires, our choices are somewhat limited: do you wish to have your brains eaten or your blood sucked?

While it’s tempting to just wipe them all out we must proceed with extreme caution; this may well be a quagmire, but it’s not our quagmire.

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