Friday, November 23, 2018

FLOTUS Black Friday

It was a fine Thanksgiving at Mar a Lago:

trump's thanksgiving

President Trump invited the Press to dinner but they weren’t really grateful. As is their custom with this President, they bit the hand that fed them. The hit pieces were predictable: Trump’s Thanksgiving message was inelegant, unlike the eloquent Obama. He declined to visit troops in the war zone, like the President who declared victory and left Iraq in the clutches of ISIS. He didn’t go pack potatoes at a food pantry like the ex-President who clearly knows a thing or two about packing spuds.

obama's bag of spudsHow they hangin’ white boy?

For the record, let it be noted that no romaine was knowingly served to the press as part of the Mar a Lago Thanksgiving feast, which led to today’s most popular headline: “Press thwart’s President’s plan to poison them.”

Of course the media will gleefully continue to poison the water and then blame President Trump for all of the ensuing illness running rampant through the country.

At least we’ll always have Melania: