Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“I’ll Just Have a Drumstick”

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I hope everybody has their meal prep well underway. My only advice is to keep it traditional - what’s traditional for you and your family that is. I know people whose traditions include dishes as ‘diverse’ as lasagna, sauerkraut, pirogues, lobster, tamales, shrimp etouffee, latkes, samosas and dal along with the standard turkey with dressing. Of course there are some who quash the turkey altogether, replacing it with a regal pork or beef roast. 


Americans are openminded that way. However even we open armed, openminded and open-borders Americans must draw the line somewhere when it comes to Thanksgiving. And that line is oysters. Okay, slip a few into the dressing if you must, as long as you provide an alternate non-bivalve option that will take to the gravy with a bit more grace.


The final vote is in. it has been counted, re-counted, and corroborated: oysters are absolutely, positively, incontrovertibly NOT acceptable Thanksgiving fare and no amount of Russian collusion can change that. 

Sergey the Siberian concurs:

siberian at his first oyster dinner

“If you don’t have caviar I’ll just have a drumstick.”