Friday, November 16, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Palace Cat Fight Edition

Sure, I know there’s more important news: thousands of barbarians at the gate, thousands of “uncounted” ballots in Florida, thousands of acres of forests consumed by fire in California. But is there anything more compelling than a little palace intrigue? Especially a little palace intrigue that involves a cat fight? No, nothing. So that’s what I’m covering today.


MSM would have you believe that the reason FLOTUS called for the dismissal of Mira Ricardel, deputy national security adviser, was due to a dispute over seating arrangements on Air Force 1 for Melania’s African “Be Best” tour. More or less ignored was the fact that the imperial Ms. Ricardel was so miffed over her staff being rebuffed by FLOTUS’ staff that she refused to provide key services during the trip:

Ms. Ricardel also withheld resources from the first lady before she traveled to Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Egypt last month, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Before and during the trip, Mrs. Trump’s senior staff members operated without logistical information, readily available policy documents or basic communication as they arrived in places where security could be tight and tense, and the movements hectic. They said Ms. Ricardel was the reason for the delay. – NYT


Services, I would point out, that were the sole purpose of the NSC’s involvement in the trip. I would think that an experienced civil servant like Ms. Ridardel would know better than to let her bureaucratic bitch out when dealing with the President’s wife. It seems that would be survival 101 stuff covered in governmental functionary school. Mistaking your inflated sense of self-importance with the actual importance of someone like the FLOTUS is a real rookie mistake, especially for someone as previously well-regarded as Ms. Ricardel.  Which just goes to show that women sometimes are their own worst enemies.

For the record, former FLOTUS Lady M told Jimmy Kimmel that she never pulled a Melania and got someone fired. Unless you count the firing of her BFF Desiree Rogers as White House Social Secretary. She committed the worse sin ever: she went out of her way to make herself look better than the boss at every opportunity.


On top of being incompetent.

But speaking of Michelle, thank you, Little Mo, for filling in for me yesterday. Good job! And also thank you for posting the picture you chose of Orpah and Lady M, instead of this one:


which illustrates the two BFFs are now both fighting in the Heavy Weight division.