Thursday, November 15, 2018

No Offense, Panda Sushi

I don’t know why, but MOTUS was worried that I might offend. So she directed Raj to review my post topics before I could publish. Apparently, Raj is somewhat more attuned to the sensibilities of others than I. Go figure.

So I did a quick scan of various post ideas and bounced them off Raj as she instructed.

First topic, Lady M.

MO told Oprah and a sold-out audience of 14,000 people at the United Center on Tuesday night, "Yes, I'm black." I didn’t think that would offend and neither did Raj, butt he was afraid that the vision of her squeezed into that sausage casing might upset too many breakfasts.


Next, a report on the arrival of the invasion caravan on our southern border:


Raj could help me make a game for mobile devices called “Border Invaders.” It would sell like hotcakes.


But he said not unless MOTUS approved and as you know, she’s on vacation.

Running out of ideas, I came across this in MOTUS’ stack of potential future posts: Panda Sushi

As you may (or may not) know, Dewey From Detroit is MOTUS’ Panda alter-ego. As such she was not sure whether to be thrilled or appalled by this sushi demo. We decided to find out:


Mmmm…Panda Sushi