Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Views Expressed in This Post Do Reflect the Views of Management

MOTUS has a special guest poster today: you may know her as Betty Ann, Betty Angelou or Mellow Lemoncello, but it’s always Betty Ann, our righteous princess warrior from New Mexico and winner of the coveted Golden FLOTUS. Below is an editorial she has drafted for her local paper where, in BA fashion, she minces no words: 

mahler tradition fire“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
― Gustav Mahler

h/t Son of Sobieski V9.11.1683

Rules for Thee but not for Me

At a Christmas Party I was reminded to write for this newspaper. Apparently young people read my editorials, enjoy them, and want more. I suppose if I’m to be reviled by liberals around here because they are terrified of a Deplorable point of view, it is small price for inspiring young Americans. So let’s get busy:

I’ve ditched the term “liberal”. I can’t find anything liberal about progressives, who aren’t progressive, either, nor are they interested in real democracy but in a socialist globalist agenda, which is all about tyranny. Tyrants view the world from their point of reference only. All differing points of view are shunned as hate speech today. And when tyrants become powerful, opposing views are outlawed—this is happening in the EU with frightening rapidity and good people are going to jail. It is happening on Facebook, Twitter, and in the news outlets—all by tyrants—even though it’s against the law in this country to silence opposing opinions.

We have arrived in times where there are two separate sets of laws, one set for the ruling class, and another for the masses. It matters not to tyrants what people think who are exposed daily to the wrongs of having two sets of law; those benefitting from broken justice ignore and manipulate the law. Right here at home we see this kind of creeping tyranny every time we turn from the park to Hwy 4; a broken down semi-truck still sits in the center of our town, garbage piling high behind that business and expanding up the hillside. The law is clear about semi-trucks and mounting garbage for businesses, a law made by the people of this town. Yet our village government twisted the intent of the law in order to free the privileged council member who owns that truck and themselves from accountability, making favored persons free from the law; rules for thee but not for me!

Thus our tyrants on the national stage can in front of our faces with impunity lie in federal court to get subpoenas to spy illegally, collude with Russia selling American assets for personal gain while serving as Secretary of State, openly advocate violence against fellow citizens, treasonously give aid and comfort to sworn enemies who openly threaten our murder to the tune of 150 billion in cash, then collude to subvert long standing foreign policy and the administration of a duly elected president of the United States repeatedly at home and abroad (John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton), and no one is charged with high treason, even though the law clearly says it is treason. Instead our “Just-Us” department investigates legal Non-Disclosure Agreements made with porn stars* ten years before PDJT ever announced running for president, in an effort to destroy a man who challenged their entitlement to rule. The media obediently and breathlessly report that those NDAs are impeachable crimes, when they are common practice everywhere, including when you work for this village. Saying something is true when it is a lie is called lying, unless you are a tyrant, then lying is called news. “You sheep will think and believe as you are told, or else you, too, will be maligned and impugned”; rules are for thee but not for me!

The media, the democrat party, and the GOPe, have, since 2016’s victory by Deplorables, hated Trump voters and PDJT with a scorn pure and vicious in what has now become a Cold Civil War. Stupidly—way more stupidly than any police officer could ever be—the morons in the media and in the ruling class think that if they get rid of President Trump, we will go away. They do not grasp that he is our creation, not we his. Long after PDJT finishes his service to this country, even if he serves one term, this movement will continue full blast with an end game of triumph for the Constitution as originally intended. The reason is found in Western history: from the Magna Carta to the martyrdom of Thomas Beckett to the formation of these precious United States, people have become increasingly culturally sick and tired of tyrants and their double standards.

Our Founders, many who died for signing the Declaration of Independence, believed that all human beings are born equal with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that all men are subject to one set of laws—truths that are self-evident. Contrast the truth of powerful tyrants today who believe that rights are granted by government alone, that as our betters they are entitled to run the government; they alone will say which laws are enforced and decide who is exempt from honoring the law.

Tyranny has no place on American soil, but it’s here. Americans are not anarchists or violent or insolent, but a peaceful people, true to honor and slow to anger. Speaking against tyranny is a responsibility owed the generations yet unborn, who have no voice. When we do not, in the minds of tyrants we are already subjugated—sheep, not equals.

*You did not care about Chappaquiddick or Bill Clinton’s raping, woman abusing presidency. In fact, you wanted him back. So no, we do not give a damn about the porn stars. Everybody had a good time. Mary Jo Koepekne and Bill Clinton’s victims, not so much. - BA Lemoncello

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