Saturday, February 6, 2010

When Snarks Attack 4: The Winner

The winner of the Golden FLOTUS in When Snarks Attack 4 is . . . “bettyann” !!!! I know this is big surprise.

Congratulations bettyann you have snarked your way into the history books and earned your place along side your fellow Golden FLOTUS winners in my new Snark Hall of Fame!!!

In every competition there is a winner and at least one loser. Bettyann’s “boobs fell in her pants” mopped up the floor with bettyann’s   “Thanksgiving day float” like Scotty mopped up the… uh, woops !!!

So come on up and accept your Golden FLOTUS

“bettyann . . . MOTUS, her boobs! They fell down into her pants!”

GOLDEN FLOTUS bettyann copy

We’ll be looking for your coveted Golden FLOTUS on your facebook (but we don’t know where to look) and on your “hog”.

brando flotus copy

Yes; we know, this one’s  a Triumph. But he’s sooo bad!