Sunday, January 31, 2010

When Snarks Attack: 4

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to the 4th edition of my world famous Snark of the Week, golden FLOTUS nominations. I knew the last several weeks were going to be hectic, but I didn’t expect to have so little time to tend to my Snarks. Anyway, I guess you know we got bumped to commercial for the trip back to Big White. At least we got exit row seats. I got a center seat and Raj got the window. He likes to look out the window and calculate our altitude and routing at regular intervals to make sure the pilots are on track. I trans-imaged myself with a hologram from my hard drive into Lady M with that look. You know which one I’m talking about, the one in the video at the top of my blog. Nobody sat in the isle seat next to me. I promise I’ll never again use my powers for evil or self-gain -unless I get bumped to commercial again.

Anyway, Raj and I were able to work undisturbed all the way back to Big White. Now that we’ve transferred to Marine Chopper Won I have WIFI so we can post this.

My big fun idea to get you guys in on the nominating paid off big time. If by “paid off big time” you mean (and I do):

  1. Nobody coming to my blog is a liberal who thinks everybody is a winner, and
  2. We scored big time on the “will pay cash money for one of them Golden FLOTUS thingies (and boy, oh, boy: do we need the money for the Lady M Fund for Massachusetts Voters with Severe Ballot Error Disorders, and
  3. There was unanimous consent on the nomination. Unless you think “I CAN'T FIND ME. aND i TRIED SOO HARD. mOTUS? mOTUS??” was a nomination.

I was surprised that there weren’t more nominations, there were certainly a lot of good snarks. Maybe bettyann knows Chicago rules better than I thought. Or, maybe I got the rules for nominating a little wee weed up. I have caught myself thinking that Gibbsy is making sense a few times lately. But that’s in the past as my upgrades have my lenses focusing like a laser. Anyway, nobody deserves this nomination more than bettyann. So, without further adieu here are your nominees for the Snark of the Week 4:

Nominees For The Period

December 27, 2009 – January 16, 2010)

1. From No Good Crisis Goes to Waste:

bettyann said...
MOTUS, what the hell is that Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade float doing in there, dressed up like Janet?

2. From Harsh Stares All Around: Take That Jihadists

bettyann said...
MOTUS, her boobs! They fell down into her pants!

Ok, technically “bettyann number 2” wasn’t nominated in the standard nominating process. But Raj was so proud and honored that bettyann successfully used his “Raj’s Reliable Tutorials” to develop her new nerd magic to embed links that he begged me to add it. And, well, Team Obama does take care of its friends, and Raj has been such a mensch, so bettyann’s in twice. And I think she deserves them both.

So lets get out there and vote! Polls will remain open until 11:59PM Saturday February 6, 2010 and Chicago rules are back in effect. Good luck bettyann!

We’re landing Marine Chopper Won now so I’d better post this. Bye.

PS should Raj and I ever be foolish enough to host another snark contest, we’ll paste it the top of the blog as Gerard VDL suggested.