Saturday, February 6, 2010

“It’s hard, it’s scary…” Do Tell.

The second half of the Matt Lauer interview was “interesting” too, although I’m a little worried about Matt. He seemed to be on the verge of tears a couple of times, but Lady M managed to help him man-up. So he managed to get through the tough questions about Big Guy’s grey hair (“he’s cute”), date nights ( “We don't get to do our date nights as much because it just causes more commotion....”), and Obamacare (“It's hard, it's scary, it's confusing. . .”) Then we moved onto the key issue: “who helps you get dressed every morning?” Do you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and say "What am I going to wear and what are they going to write about it?"

Lady M acknowledged that she “can't spend a lot of time thinking day-to-day....(apparently neither can Big Guy) I do it with people. . .You have folks who are going to get your clothes ready,”. That would be “little” people to you and me. And the “you” in “you  have (little) people” would be the royal “you,” related to the royal “we” by marriage.

But here’s the really troublesome quote as far as my job is concerned: “I've learned to wear what I like and to wear what's comfortable."

pipi longstokings       michelle-obama-skinny-jeans

Pippi Longstocking: comfy              Skinny jeans: comfy

mo grand canyon-2

    Shorts, tanks, baseball caps: comfy

So, as you’ve all suspected, this is what I’m up against. Of course she stands in front of my imaging system every morning. Of course the little people try to dress her appropriately. But MO has “learned to wear” what she likes.

michelle-obama-m1 Royal purple: has learned to like it

Wouldn’t you think for what they charge for a Princeton and Harvard education she might have “learned” a little more than she seems to know? Seriously, purple stripes with aqua?


Michelle Robinson Obama

Princeton B.A. Sociology, Harvard J.D.